At Harris & Ruddock, we want to do more than make plant-based dairy. We want to inspire our communities to find connection in the modern world — to pause and appreciate the wonder of ourselves, each other, the Divine and — ultimately — our food and where it comes from. Fostering meaningful connection is our highest purpose, not just for our founder but for the entire Harris & Ruddock staff.

We're seeking to reunite our communities with slow-food traditions of the past, just like our ancestors did. The Harris’ and Ruddocks both have decades-long backgrounds in farming. They tended to the land — growing, preparing and trading food with families and neighbors. Life was simpler and food was cleaner. We’re trying to get back there.

While we’re profoundly inspired by the past, we’re determined on keeping our eyes ahead. At the forefront of our minds, we're continually thinking about how we can advance our communities not only with good, clean dairy but also through conversation around all food.